Gumdrop Skinblend

+ Ages Toddler-Elder

+ Non-barbie / anatomically correct

+ Sexy feet compatible

+ Non-default features EA default, yellowtone and redtone ramps

Apologies for the lacklustre previews. :\ Feel free to ask if you’d like any additional pictures. I’m also willing to apply other tone ramps to the non-default if desired; just drop me a message specifying which ones. Also! A matching default replacement baby skin will be available soon.

Credit: Joedy/livelovepixels, Ephemera, Tamo, i-like-teh-sims, Kanno, Orange-sim, Aikea Guinea, Kurasoberina, MCalero, HystericalParoxysm, Mochi029.

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Why can’t moving can’t moving be like in the Sims?

Seriously, being able to hit pause and just drag and drop shit would be so much easier than the real thing. Anyway, this weekend my mom and I finally got most of our stuff moved into the house with the help of strong teenaged boys. Now it’s time to unpack. Huzzah!

I realized that I hadn’t checked in for well over a week and felt the need to let all of you know that I’m alive and well~ I got my ass handed to me in the mosh pit while watching Of Mice and Men last weekend (still have a few bruises) and I get to see All Time Low on Saturday. Woot! I also don’t have internet at home right now and my phone only has 1 gig of data, so I haven’t been able to stop by much. Luckily we should have internet set up again soon. In the mean time I’ll be setting up my new Simming cave :P

I love all of you and I’ll be back for good soon!


Nightcrawler AF Hair 18 Retexture

Texture by pooklet, control by me

I forgot to edit the specular, so specular by Nightcrawler lol

Please don’t reupload, this takes quite some time


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emperorsims replied to your post: Hi guys! I know that this isn’t sims r…

i tried, it says the page can not be found :c

ohhhhhh my gosh I wish that I saw this sooner >< I was out of town all weekend. Here’s the link. Give it a go, guys!

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Hi guys! I know that this isn’t sims related, but my boyfriend and I published our first game over on Newgrounds. It’s called Planet Panic and you can play it here:

If you guys could check it out and play it and rate it 5 stars that’d be awesome! We’re aiming to win Stencyl Jam 2014 so we can get licensing to publish games on mobile devices. Likes and reigns are appreciated too!

PS: my BC will be continuing this coming week!


I’m pretty sure my heart stopped the moment I realized what was about to happen. I could feel my mouth hanging open & my eyes started to sting as tears rapidly formed. 

"Please don’t cry," he whispered sweetly. "I haven’t even gotten to ask you yet."

"I know, I just…" I took a deep breath & tried to hold back the tears. "I’m hormonal & this is really happening. I just…"

"You’re perfect, Piper. So perfect, I never thought that anyone like you existed. You knocked me off of my feet the first moment I saw you & I have never been able to get back up. And, not only do I love you, but so does our amazing daughter. We’re both so lucky to have you. Or, we all are," we both laughed when he nodded towards my stomach. "I love you & I know without a doubt that you are the one that I want to spend forever with. Piper…will you marry me?"

I was overcome with emotion & couldn’t speak. I nodded wildly as I finally allowed the tears to flow. “Of course I’ll marry you. I love you, Kellin.” I jumped up & threw my arms around his neck, almost knocking him over.



Pixar Posters Set Pt.1 by Everlasting-Garden

Part 2 will come before the end of the year (no promise!); different shape, different concept but still from Pixar!
EDIT: Part 2 can now be found here

The images used belong to Disney/Pixar. Mesh by Awesims.
Usual term of use, do not reupload or claim as your own!

Download on Mediafire (.rar)

Let me know if you like them and enjoy!

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Sims 3 Store: Bakery Set Preview


Sims 3 Store: Bakery Set Preview

Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!)

We’ve got something sweet for you and it’s in the shape of pies, cookies, and cupcakes!

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wowow!!! hi! i made a pose pack for you lovely people and this is my first pose pack and i hope people enjoy it i am so sorry for the crappy pictures

the download includes post player compatible and no list and thats pretty much it 

anyways you can download it here


feel the burn


feel the burn


Download | ESMonolids

Custom thumbnail. An eyeshadow that erases/fades eye creases. Can be used with eye sliders to give almost any skin the appearance of monolids. It has two channels. It’s a bit tricky to get a perfect match but by using both channels, you can get pretty close. Enabled for M & F, CU - E.

Download | Scallop Bralette

Custom thumbnail. A scalloped top for your female sims. For some reason it’s a little bit shiny ( as shown above ). I was unable to get rid of the shine but I think it looks kind of soft and velvet-y.

Tattoo DxC #3



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oh, sweet bb jingles :3

They’re too perfect <3

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You guys fucking rock <3 I’m glad that all of you enjoy my sims enough to follow me! Now to get some gifts ready.


Hello everybody! 

This set includes plugs for man and new spiral plugs for everybody. I hope you like it.

Thank you for a wonderful sim.


*To play with piercings you will need this sliders to the earlobe, and this mod for put a few accessories to the same place.

!Please don’t reupload!